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For years, we’ve had a swing in our backyard. With the big kid, we only needed one, and we have the perfect tree, so the baby swing was eventually replaced by a belt swing, and she has always, always loved it. Then the baby came, last spring, and suddenly we find ourselves in a conundrum — no place for a baby swing! To that end, we are looking to build a swingset.


There are lots to choose from! If you are looking for high-end, look no further than the Maine-made Cedarworks sets. I don’t even dare have their page open with my big kid in the same room, for fear of setting an unreasonably high expectation. You can play on a set at their headquarters in Rockport, at 799 Commercial Street.

Another high-end (though not made in Maine) company is Rainbow Play Systems. They have many configurations, and their nearest dealer is in Portland. It’s not hard to be excited about the possibilities of a luxe playset, but it can be hard to afford one.

The big box stores sell basic playsets, from simple plastic sets (great for portability if you know a move is in your future, or for resale!), to classic metal sets, to wooden sets that are not quite as luxurious as the custom companies. Lowe’s and Home Depot also sell components for the DIY-ers — and that’s likely where we will be landing.

You can search for swing set plans online, and find all kinds of ideas, but I’m hoping the more experienced families might have some input on what would be in the ultimate budget DIY swingset for their kids. What do you love about your swingset? What do your kids play with the most?



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