The Bangor Y offers two ‘official’ prenatal classes: Prenatal aqua fitness, and prenatal strength/yoga.

Prenatal aqua fitness is held every Wednesday at the 2nd Street location, from 1-2 pm. In summer, the cooler Aloupis pool is used, and in other seasons, the warmer Means pool is used. The water feels great, and only feels better as you get bigger. It’s also nice to have some conversation with other expectant moms.

The daytime hours make it difficult for people to attend, so pregnant women are allowed to participate in other, ‘regular,’ classes. Make sure the instructor knows, and they will provide you with accommodations. Prenatal classes require a doctor’s permission.

The above classes are all included in the general membership fee.

Prenatal strength/yoga is held every Monday at the 2nd Street location, from 1-2 pm in the studio. Taught by the same instructor as the aqua class, and often attended by the same participants as well.


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