The blog went on summer vacation, and it was great. What have we been doing? Well, checking things off the list:

┬áThis year, in spring, we made this list at the table after dinner one night. It was our wish list of what we wanted to remember to do over the summer, as we know that summer ends too fast ’round these parts, and it’s too easy to get to the end and realize we forgot something. Looking down the list, we did most everything! We missed strawberry picking and Peaks Kenny (but only missed Peaks Kenny because we fell in love with Swan Lake this summer, and kept going there!) and we didn’t get to the UMaine trails because the big girl is too big for the bike trailer but not confident on her new-this-year bike (even with training wheels) so, we’ll hope for next year on that one. But other than that, we checked things off, and had a fantastic summer. The list was so helpful, too — it gets hot and hard to come up with something new, so we’d check it on Friday night and make our plans before falling into the usual activities (and our usual activities are pretty fun! But the list helped keep things interesting.)

The other night we did the same thing for fall. On the fall list we have apple & pumpkin picking at Treworgy’s (of course), a variety of Halloween activities, heading back to Acadia National Park, the Orono Bog Boardwalk, and with a freshly minted Kindergartner, we have our first fall of school activities, as well.

How was your summer? What’s on your list for fall?

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