Okay, between neglecting my laundry and the blog, and taking care of my family and my job, I have been able to read (you know, on my iPod touch while a baby naps on me) a few things that I want to share:

Raising Maine — this is a free publication that is heavily geared towards Southern Maine families, but they won’t reject your subscription if you live north of Brunswick. They have a twitter feed, too, and it’s not so bad to have ideas on stuff to do in southern Maine for those random day trips. In this month’s issue, the farewell column by Raye Tibbitts really made an impression on me, and is basically the advice I’d give any new mom, myself.

One Mom in Maine — this is a blog written by a nearby mom that focuses on family and fitness, with lots of love for our area evident throughout.  And it’s kind of heartening to know that the beautiful meals she cooks aren’t always savored by her kids, you know? Real.

Bangor Metro — I love the magazine, and if you can’t get it in hand, the flipbook is a great way to see the current issue.

And a column from The Globe and Mail that was well-timed for this working mama: Ditch the guilt, working moms: The kids are all right.

What have you been reading this summer? I’ll be posting about the actual books I’ve read recently, soon.

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  1. Emilie @ One Mom in Maine says:

    Thank you so much for the link! I really appreciate it. Best, Emilie

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