It’s the first day of summer! Today, the other Bangor pool opened (Dakin, on Pine street) following the opening of the Pancoe pool on Saturday. I have to confess, though, that while people here in Bangor were facing the muggy day at the awesome Pancoe pool, we were out of town, swimming in the lake of my childhood. There really isn’t much that’s better than a crisp, cool lake on a hot muggy day, and seeing your own kid doing all the things you once did growing up — jumping off the same docks, preferring the same entry points, digging the same trenches to the waterline — is pretty cool. We’ll certainly make it to Pancoe more than a few times this summer (we live just a few blocks away, so we don’t even need to deal with parking!) but I will always cherish the lake days.

Of course, my lake is a hundred miles away, which is two hours of “are we there yet?” and I Spy and kids’ music in the CD player, and that has it’s own…. merits, but I know that closer to town there are good options, too. We’ve been to Peaks-Kenny, in Dover, but generally we make the drive or go to the pool What are your favorite swimming holes in the Greater Bangor area?

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