The Robinson Ballet will be performing the children’s matinees The Little Tailor and Once Upon a Time at the Bangor Opera House and Ellsworth’s Grand Theater.

The Little Tailor
A story taken from the Grimm fairy tale. One fine morning, the Little Tailor is busily sewing when a young woman passes by selling cream. The luscious smell of the cream spreads to the walls, which are covered in flies. The flies surround The Tailor, who taking a cloth from his table strikes at the pesky flies. Much to his amazement, no fewer than seven lie dead. Thinking himself quite the clever fellow he embroiders himself a belt that reads  “7 WITH ONE BLOW”. Donning his belt he sets off to tell the world of his feat. After traveling for some time, he tires, and lies down to sleep. A group of peasants find The Tailor and read his belt. Thinking he must be some powerful person that go to tell The King. He greets the Tailor and asks him to rid their kingdom of three threats. If he is successful he may have the hand of his daughter, the princess, in marriage. The Tailor takes the challenge and the adventure begins!
Once Upon A Time
A ballet set to the first movement of Keith Emerson’s Piano Concerto #1. Our story takes us to an enchanted wood inhabited by dryads, nymphs, pixies and fairies. They are all gathering for a celebration. Three hikers chance upon the spot and a lively encounter ensues.

The Bangor Opera House:  Saturday, April 4 at 3PM. Tickets are 5.00 for children and adults. To purchase tickets contact Penobscot Theatre at (207) 942-3333 or online.

The Grand in Ellsworth: Saturday, April 11 at 3PM Tickets are 5.00 for children and adults. To purchase tickets contact The Grand at (207) 667-9500 or online.

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