EMMC offers support for breastfeeding by having a “Lactation Warmline,” which is a number that you can call for help/advice from certified lactation consultants. “Warmline,” according to the LC that led our breastfeeding class, means that you may have to leave a message, but someone will call you back. The number is 973-8673. (She also suggested that in a crisis, you could call Grant7 for help.) The LC staff also hosts a monthly breastfeeding support group. From their webpage:Information group meeting to offer support to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Meets once a month on the second Tuesday of the month at 10am – 11:30am

Location: Grant 7 solarium. Babies and children are welcome.

Lactation Consultants 973-8673
Email: P. Houston phouston@emh.org

Lactation Consultant Warmline 973-8673
Please call for professional advice and support

Updated 9/12/08

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