Bangor is a great city to be a citizen of, especially when it comes time to vote. Once again, they have In Person Absentee Voting set up at the Civic Center. Starting today, October 27,  until Saturday, Nov. 1, any resident of Bangor can vote between the hours of 8am and 6pm at the Civic Center. Election day voting will be held in the local polling places, and if you’re not sure where to vote on election day, you can find out at the city’s website. Maine is especially wonderful in that you can register on election day, so if you are a new resident, bring some ID to your polling place to register and vote at the same time. Maine has always had high voter turnout, and Bangor has often had the highest in the state — our last presidential election, 89% of registered voters showed up! This year is expected to be even higher, so early voting (technically, in person absentee, as your votes aren’t seen til election day) is a great time saver for busy families. Plus, going at a slower (we hope) time allows you to take your children to see the democratic process in action, and, free sticker! All around, a great setup.

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