This has been updated as of May, 2011, and can now be found on its own page.


Looking for childcare in Bangor is not an easy task. Here are some resources that may help:

Local childcare providers with a website:

Search services:

  • Penquis: Penquis’ search form requires registration, and I found that I got the most results when I left all fields blank.
  • State of Maine: The state’s website allows you to search for licensed caregiversby ZIP code, town, type of care, and number of children being served.


  • Craigslist: Maine’s Craigslist offering is pretty heavily weighted to the southern part of the state, but there are occasionally people in the Bangor area posting daycare openings or searching for childcare.
  • BDN Classifieds: There are occasionally openings listed in the BDN classifieds.

Accreditors and Organizations:


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