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The Big Kid starts kindergarten in the fall, and I’ve been told by those who’ve gone before that it’s not too early to consider figuring out before and after school care for when September rolls around.

There are several options, and we aren’t sure which one we’ll end up with. There are two that provide transportation, regardless of school: Bangor Parks & Rec’s Kids Cave will transport to Bangor schools, and the Bangor Y will transport to Bangor & Brewer schools. (These options can change at any time, please contact the agencies I mention for current information!)

Kids Cave rates are $75 for full time, morning & afternoons, M-F. They have other rates for other configurations, as well.

The Bangor Y rates are $95 for full time, morning & afternoons, M-F, and they, too have some pro-rated options.

Another option would be to find a home daycare provider in your neighborhood who will provide before and after care, or to find a sitter to come to your home for those hours.

Complicating our situation is the baby, and the advent of having kids in two different places for the next few years, or, really, the rest of our lives as they are four years apart and will never be in the same school at the same time! Imagining the morning shuffle, which would end up with the big kid getting to a before school program just in time to get on a bus and go back to our neighborhood school, is daunting.

What have you done for before and after care? (And while we’re here, if anyone has recommendations for an option local to 14th Street, I’d love to hear about it, and you can email directly.) And here I thought the working parent gig would get easier and less expensive as they got older! I guess that’s not so true.

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It’s that time of year! In Maine, Pre-K students must be 4 by October 15, 2011, and K students must be 5 by that date to attend public elementary schools. A birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residency are required for registration, and check with your school as they may have specific needs. Not all schools in the area offer Pre-K, and many Pre-K programs have limited space. Bangor is the only area school district to have neighborhood schools, all other towns have just one location for PreK/Kindergarten programs.


The attendance directory has been updated for 2011, and you can find that and the current map (I didn’t see any changes from last year aside from additions based on new subdivisions) on our Schools page.

March 7: Abraham Lincoln & Vine Street 4-7pm

March 8: 14th, Downeast, and Fruit Street 4-7pm

Registration is for parents only; students will have an orientation later in the year. You can find more information at the school department’s site.


February 9 & 10, 4-7pm, Capri Street School


February 11, 9:30-2pm, McGraw Elementary School.


March 10, 1:30-6pm, by appointment only. Call 866-2151 or 866-4141 between the hours of: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm for more information.


February 14, 2011 8am-7pm, Leroy H. Smith School Library.

The following towns have no public dates announced.

Glenburn School 947-8769

Hermon Elementary School 848-4000

Levant (Suzanne Smith Elementary School) 884-7444

Old Town Elementary School 827-1544

Veazie Community School 947-6573

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