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When we went to the sibling prep class at EMMC, one of the questions the nurse asked the Big Kid was “did you help get the new baby’s room ready?” She looked confused, looked at us, and said “Where IS the new baby’s room?” Ahh. Making room for the second kid.

We love our house. Really, our house is pretty good, but our yard is awesome — a rare double lot on the west side, on a quiet street that no one has ever heard of when I give directions, with great neighbors. It’s … cozy, but the 1000sf is easy to heat (400 gallons a year!) and our needs are met. Or, were met. Big Kid has a small room (the smallest of the three bedrooms), we have the biggest room, and the guest room/office is in the medium room. For baby #2, well, we learned from the past that our babies don’t care to be too far away, so we dusted off the pack n’ play for our room, set up the changing table downstairs, and called it good. We really didn’t want to give up the guest room, and the crib? Well, we have one of those great “grow with you” convertible cribs, which means the back wall of it is now currently bolted to the Big Kid’s bed as intended — as her headboard.

For the last few months, as I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve been playing what I call House Tetris in my head. Mentally rearranging furniture, trying to figure out how to keep a guest room/office and create a room for the girls to share. In the small bedroom (and I do mean small — 9×10) the way the doors and windows are configured, it would be tight. Two beds would just about fill the room, and bunks would put one kid pressed against the window like she was in a Pullman sleeper. Nope. That won’t work. If we put them against the solid wall, the door into the room won’t open — maybe we should just take it off the hinges? We never close it anyway. Maybe we should put the office desk somewhere downstairs (but where? a whole new level of House Tetris) or maybe we should just tell my parents it’s time to get a camper, here’s your extension cord. (That might have actually flown with my dad. My mom? Not so much.)

In looking for bunkbeds, inspiration struck. I don’t want my little girls to be pressed against a window, but my guests are all adults and unlikely to jump. (And would probably prefer a bed overlapping a window to a tent and lantern in our — did I mention it’s pretty glorious? — backyard.) And if we took off the closet door and replaced it with a bifold, or, wait, that sounds like a lot of work — a tension rod and heavy curtain! Yes! It might just work.

I looked for a room planner online, and found an easy one at Bob’s Discount Furniture. By adding the queen size bed and the desk to the layout, I realized that… it could work. I mean, yes, my mom will be in the corner and my dad will …. have a great view, but they will still be able to stay with us, in a real, queen size bed, and be just footsteps from the grandchildren they adore.

And for the girls’ room, I knew I wanted bunk beds, and we already have a full-size bed, so I looked for a twin-over-full style (pictured above), got the measurements, and plugged it into the room planner for the medium room. It will fit. Perfectly. In fact, we might even be able to store some toys up there, and we’re planning on reclaiming the back wall of the crib, and putting that together — also in that room. It will even hold the changing table and glider!

For now, well, we aren’t in a rush to spend a day moving 80% of our upstairs furniture, but we have started the conversation with the Big Kid about sharing a room (she’s actually thrilled with the idea) and started feeling like we do have a little more time to live in this house that we love so much.

Our plan is to eventually mosey on over to the Bedworks of Maine, since the carry Maxtrix beds, and get a twin-over-full set for the girls. If we had more room and more money, the sets from Cedarworks (a Maine company) are unbelievably awesome. (So are their outdoor playsets. For now, we have a swing hung from a branch that squirrels keep trying to eat. A family can dream, though, right?) I also hope to make an IKEA trip at some point to get dressers, since right now the big kid has an old dresser that she’s outgrowing, and the baby has just the bins on her changing table to hold clothes.

Have you had to rearrange a small space to fit in a new kid? Do your kids share a room? How have you made it work?

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